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African Pieces LLC

South African Buchu & Lemon Candle

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Pronounced Bookoo or Bucco:

Indigenous to the Cape Region of South Africa, Buchu is a minty black currant scented plant known for its healing properties.

The Khoisan, a tribe of hunter-gatherers in southern Africa, used the Buchu plant as an ‘antibiotic repellent’ to repel insects.


Buchu gives off a sweetly intoxicating aroma with hints of mint and black currant.

Lemon is used in aromatherapy to enhance moods. Lemon gives off a fresh and uplifting note boosting energy and deodorizing.

A combination of Buchu and Lemon makes for a refreshing minty and zesty scent that is great for the kitchen and eliminates strong odors.


This soy candle fragrance is 100% pure essential oils with no other synthetic chemicals added.


Odorous: Anti-depressant, Uplifting, Anxiolytic, Soothing, and Stress Reduction.


Note Profile:

Top: Lemon
Middle: Buchu